Tearing Apart Westeros and Sifting Through the Pieces...
6 days ago

Arbor Gold From France (Sp3.1)

The Next Great Project and Fictional Wine From a Non-Fictional Nation

2 months ago

Breaking Wind... of Winter (Sp2.11)

You Can Do It, George! We Totally Have Faith In You... Probably...

3 months ago

A Freaky Doctor, Record Emmy Wins, and Scary Spoilers... Maybe... (Sp2.10)

Dive Into a Possibly HUGE Spoiler or Experience the Wind Breaking Without Consequence

4 months ago

The Mormonts You Know/ The Mormonts You Don't Know (208.2)

Jeor, Jorah, Juxtaposition, Journies, Jerks, and the Friendzone

4 months ago

Wood and Fish and Bears, Oh My (208.1)

The Incredibly Non-Historic History of Bear Island

5 months ago

Chit-Chat-Mania, Brother! (Sp2.9)

Whatcha Gonna Do When The Princes That Were Promised Run Wild on You?!?

5 months ago

Disney Star Wars Means to Murder... (Sp2.8)

Hide Thine Happiness Well For The Mouse of Oblivion Seeks to Swallow Your Soul.

6 months ago

The Night Has Been Fairly Dark, Thank You For Asking (Sp2.7)

AOL Is Still Around and Will Destroy Westeros

7 months ago

Living and Dying In Westeros Lite (207)

The Royal Prediction for Which Westerosians Live and Which Westerosians Die on TV... or... The Watchers On The Couch Likely Have It All Figured Out.

8 months ago

A Catelyn of Swords (206.3)

"Oops! Did I Do That?" Catelyn Wondered Before Ignoring The Fact That She Did Indeed Do That.