Tearing Apart Westeros and Sifting Through the Pieces...
6 months ago

A Catelyn of Thrones (14.1)

Catelyn Stark: The Lady of Winterfell OR An Agent of Pure Evil

7 months ago

Wait... Tywin and Hoster Did What??? (M.26)

A Detour on The Catelyn Tully Memorial Highway: The Worst Fictional Highway in The Fictional World... for real...

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Teach Your Children Well, Hoster Tully! (13.2)

Hook, Line, and Sinker, P.2; or; John v. Catelyn, Round 2

8 months ago

Hook, Line, and Sinker (13.1)

The Riverlands From The First Men to The Tullys; or, Family, Duty, Hodor: John v. Catelyn

8 months ago

NotAPod...cast II: Revenge of The Winds of Winter (Sp23)

The Glacial Speeds of Writing The Windy Winds of a Windy Winter

8 months ago

Jaime's Head on a Weirwood (P.2)

Jaime's Dream OTW Back to Kings Landinig - Prophecies, Dreams, and Visions

9 months ago

The Newer News for February 2018 (Sp22)

This News is Newer Than The Newest News... until it isn't...

9 months ago

Dragons Everywhere (P.1)

Moqorro's Vision for Tyrion Lannister- Prophesies, Dreams, and Visions

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The New News for February 2018 (Sp21)

This ain't your grandma's Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire News

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The Lost Jedi (Sp20)

The Royal Discussion RE: The Most Royally Anticipated Film of The Year