The Princes That Were Promised
Tearing Apart Westeros and Sifting Through the Pieces...
7 months ago

Chit-Chat-Mania, Brother! (Sp2.9)

Whatcha Gonna Do When The Princes That Were Promised Run Wild on You?!?

8 months ago

Disney Star Wars Means to Murder... (Sp2.8)

Hide Thine Happiness Well For The Mouse of Oblivion Seeks to Swallow Your Soul.

8 months ago

The Night Has Been Fairly Dark, Thank You For Asking (Sp2.7)

AOL Is Still Around and Will Destroy Westeros

9 months ago

Living and Dying In Westeros Lite (207)

The Royal Prediction for Which Westerosians Live and Which Westerosians Die on TV... or... The Watchers On The Couch Likely Have It All Figured Out.

10 months ago

A Catelyn of Swords (206.3)

"Oops! Did I Do That?" Catelyn Wondered Before Ignoring The Fact That She Did Indeed Do That.

10 months ago

A Catelyn of Kings (206.2)

Catelyn Stark: Wherein The Lady of Winterfell is Similar to a Sociopath

a year ago

A Catelyn of Thrones (206.1)

Catelyn Stark: The Lady of Winterfell OR An Agent of Pure Evil

a year ago

Wait... Tywin and Hoster Did What??? (205.3)

A Detour on The Catelyn Tully Memorial Highway: The Worst Fictional Highway in The Fictional World... for real...

a year ago

Teach Your Children Well, Hoster Tully! (205.2)

Hook, Line, and Sinker, P.2; or; John v. Catelyn, Round 2

a year ago

Hook, Line, and Sinker (205.1)

The Riverlands From The First Men to The Tullys; or, Family, Duty, Hodor: John v. Catelyn