The Princes That Were Promised
Tearing Apart Westeros and Sifting Through the Pieces...
Allies and Subjects

#The Princes That Were Promised present...

The Royal Listing of Official Alliances and Loyal Subjects

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Hell Yeah! News : The Only News That Matters... Usually

Reaction Photo Action : ReAction Figure Photography Fun From a ReAction Figure Fanatic

The President's Club : Hip-hop Act Based Out of Queens, NY and fronted by PBlizz

###Pro-Wrestling w/ Liam ThKidd

Wishful Booking : A Professional Pro-Wrestling Podcast from LiamThKidd

Outside Interference Wrestling : Wrestling Blog Detailing WWE and TNA 2007-2008 by SeannieWan and LiamThKidd of Wishful Booking Podcast


###The Best Forum for ASoIaF on the Interweb

The Last Hearth : The Best ASoIaF/GoT Forum on The Internet- For Upper-Echelon Fans

The Last Hearth Official Blog : The Writings of The Last Hearth and Their Administrators

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LuciferMeansLightbringer : The Most Complete Analysis of ASoIaF

Mythological Weave of Ice and Fire : Essays Examining the Mythological Construction of ASoIaF

Weirwood Leviathan : A Deep Look at ASoIaF and GoT

Blue Winter Roses : Magic and Mystery in A Song of Ice and Fire

Pawn to Player : Critically Rethinking Sansa Stark

Meereenese Blot : The Writings That Changed How A Dance With Dragons Was Viewed

Is Winter Coming? : A Reasonable and Logical GRRM Detractor Site- that makes us feel better when we have our own dark thoughts...

###The White Whale of ASoIaF Analysis

Winterfell Huis Clos : The Brilliant, Other-Worldly Study of The Ramsay Bolton-"Arya Stark" Wedding at Winterfell

Information/Tools for Better Understanding of ASoIaF

Distances in Westeros : Measuring Distances in Westeros and Essos

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Podcast Winterfell which includes #TPTWP favorite hosts- DJ Timm Hines and W. Axel Foley. This podcast disects HBO's Game of Thrones in a scholarly way with plenty of educated guests and call-in shows after new episodes air.

The Don Tony Teflon : Chyeah- The YouTube Page of Tony Teflon

SeannieWan V. Captain America : SeannieWan's Personal Blog