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'Two Dudes Duel to The Death In a River' - Robert's Rebel Yell (12.4)

Hastily-Made Decisions, Lack of Communication, Misinterpreted Public Perception, and Increasing Chaos Climax In Single Combat



Born amidst salt and smoke- Just off the Long Island Expressway- Beneath a bleeding star...

The Battle of The Trident is likely the most important and infamous battle in the history of Westeros, post-Aegon's Conquest. A strong case can be made that its legacy surpasses any single battle fought during the thousands of years that Westeros was 7 squabbling Kingdoms as well; long before Aegon claimed the Realm for House Targaryen and conquered it with Fire and Blood.

The High Lords and lands loyal to King Aerys II Targaryen were led through The Riverlands to The Trident River by The Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen intending to end the rebellion against The Iron Throne being led in the field by Rhaegar's cousin, Lord Robert Baratheon of Storm's End. The Rebels were indeed outnumbered by the Loyalists but their advantage lay in their united cause, the momentum they gained with each victory in the field, the knowledge that a loss would mean their death at the command of The Mad King, and their leadership- particularly Jon Arryn, Hoster Tully, Ned Stark, and especially Robert, whose skill, charisma and cause were the greatest of motivations for his soldiers.

Join John and SeannieWan for the 4th part of Robert's Rebel Yell, an analysis of Robert's Rebellion- the civil war that altered hundreds of years of Westerosi history and resulted in the first time that the Realm was united and ruled by one King who was not Targaryen. This week, #TPTWP go deep with The Battle of The Trident- its setup and the battle itself.

The artwork for Two Dudes Duel to The Death In a River (12.4) is titled Rhaegar's final moments. It depicts (possibly on looseleaf paper) the death of Prince Rhaegar at the hands of Robert Baratheon. The piece was created by artist Zimovskij. More of his work (not all on looseleaf paper) can be found HERE...

The Princes That Were Promised are John and SeannieWan. Every week they tear apart Westeros and sift through the pieces to bring their Leal and Loyal Subjects the history of the Realm and The Known World from both George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO's adaptation, Game of Thrones.

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