Tearing Apart Westeros and Sifting Through the Pieces...
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Robert's Rebel Yell (12.1)

Part 1: The Movers and Shakers That Shook and Moved The Realm



Born amidst salt and smoke- Just off the Long Island Expressway- Beneath a bleeding star...

The Wardens of Long Island dig deep into the Realm-wide conflict that is known as Robert's Rebellion. The timeline begins immediately following the narrative of their Southron Ambitions episodes as King Scab (good old Aerys II Targaryen) sends his swiftest Royal raven to The Eyrie with a message politely asking Lord Jon Arryn for the decapitated heads of both his wards- the brand-new Lord of Winterfell Eddard Stark, and Lord Robert Baratheon of Storm's End. If he had thought to oblige his King, it takes but one look at Ned's puppy-dog eyes and Jon Arryn is convinced that he cannot do what is demanded of him.

#TPTWP detail the c%$@ out of the noble men that would be the heroes and villains of the civil war to come: Jon Arryn- Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of The Vale of Arryn, Eddard Stark- The new Lord of Winterfell, Robert Baratheon- The young Lord of Storm's End, Hoster Tully- The Lord of Riverrun and The Lord Paramount of The Trident, Rhaegar Targaryen- The Crown Prince of Dragonstone and Heir to The Iron Throne of Westeros, Aerys II Targaryen- The King of The Andals, The Rhoynar, and The First Men and The Defender of The Realm, Varys- The Master of Whispers on The King's Small Council, and Jon Connington- The Lord of Griffin's Roost and the newly named Hand to The King.

John and SeannieWan also breakdown which part of the Realm would side with The Rebels and which would stay loyal to House Targaryen.

There is even a bit of musing on the possibly purposely confusing timeline that precedes the outbreak of violence and goes through the majority of the war.

The breathtaking artwork for this episode is titled Robert and Eddard and created by a Hungarian artist called Enife. More ASoIaF related artwork by her, as well as plenty of beautiful, non-ASoIaF related creations, can be found at enife.deviantart.com.

The Princes That Were Promised are John and SeannieWan. Every week they tear apart Westeros and sift through the pieces to bring their Leal and Loyal Subjects the history of the Realm and The Known World from both George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO's adaptation, Game of Thrones.

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