The Royal Decree of August 2017

Herein layeth thy Royal Words as constructed by thy Royal Brains and spoketh by they Royal Mouths to be written by they Royal Servant's less-than-Royal Hands, yet they words be those of thine Promised Princes...

HBO's adaptation of GRRM's Game of Thrones continues to be a juggernaut unlike HBO or any other premium cable network has ever seen. In fact, there are quite a few Broadcast Networks that would kill babies in order to achieve the viewer-ship numbers that GoT is achieving. To put this in perspective, The Winds of Winter, the final episode of Season 6 of GoT, which was already steadily increasing in viewer-ship and coming off the heels of the incredibly popular and successful penultimate episode of that season, The Battle of The Bastards, achieved the highest viewer-ship of the series up to that point at 8.89 million on the original broadcast alone. That number has been absolutely crushed by the four episodes of Season 7 that have aired so far.

Dragonstone - 10.11 million viewers

Stormborn - 9.27 million viewers

The Queen's Justice - 9.25 million viewers

The Spoils of War - 10.17 million viewers

Keep in mind that these numbers don't reflect viewings during the week by those people unable to watch on Sundays.

Again, it must be noted that with no heir-apparent to GoT HBO must be very anxious about this program coming to an end. At this rate, the 1st episode of the 8th and final season will have 35 million viewers.

Fire and Blood v.1 will be released a lot sooner than expected. Although any release by #GRRM is sooner than expected by its nature. Fire and Blood v.1 will cover the Targaryen Dynasty from Aegon I Targaryen, Aegon the Conqueror, to Aegon III Targaryen, Aegon the Usurper. Mr. Martin has reported this on his blog and Elio has echoed this on While this book would be very interesting to read, it would also be very frustrating when one considers all the work put into this fictional history book that could have been spend on The Winds of Winter (#TWoW). Mr. Martin also delivers the possibility of both Fire and Blood v.1 and The Winds of Winter being released in 2018 as though somehow he will quadruple the output he has had for the last 8 years. We shall believe it when we see it and even then we don't know that we will believe it.

Last month we spoketh of the exciting ASoIaF Miniatures Table-Top game that is currently looking for funding. Fantasy Flight games is set to release A Game of Thrones Catan:Brothers of The Watch. This game will be different from the classic Settlers of Catan game and make use of characters from The North, The Wall and Beyond The Wall. We enjoy Settlers of Catan, although there is never enough subjects around at once to enjoy a game.

Vile Computer Hackers claimed to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO's systems. Included in this hack were scrip leaks, which, btw, #JPJKK has been hip to since a Redditor got his or her hands on the scripts for the entire season much earlier this year. Also included was the entirety of episode 4, 'The Spoils of War' which literally aired two days after the hack and, if you listened to #TPTWP's review, wasn't all that great. If you go back and read the first section of this Decree, you will find that 'The Spoils of War' was the most viewed episode in the history of both Game of Thrones and HBO. So... nice job hackers...?

Ramin Djawadi's music for Season 7 will be released on September 29th by WaterTower Music, a division of Warner Bros. Music. This is exciting because his music is awesome and though there hasn't been much of note so far this season, we're confident that will change and there will be many moments immortalized by Djawadi's compositions.

He isn't The Crow's Eye, but he is a bad, bad man. Pilou Asbaek's portrayal of Euron Greyjoy has been the most pleasant of surprises in Season 7. Touted by those in the know as being a bigger heel than The Bastard of The Dreadfort, The King of The Iron Islands and The North hasn't murdered quite as many Starks but he is having a huge effect on The War of The Three Queens.... if that is what this is called... which it probably isn't. Mr. Asbaek gives an informative and interesting interview covering his character in the endgame and his own insights to the remainder of Season 7.

Casey Bloys, the HBO programming chief, has delivered some more information concerning the GoT Spin-offs. The amount of information is small but we would expect to get more information sooner rather than later, especially as HBO tries to solidify programming post-GoT.

Thus far in the 8th month of the 2017th year since Aegon's Conquest, that is all the Royal News we have.

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