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#TPTWP Updates For The Week of May 14th 2017


John and SeannieWan will reunite this week to pick up with The Watchers On The Couch Official GoT Rewatch and at some point, once the logistics are worked out, one of the recording sessions will be live (Facebook most likely but maybe a Google Hangout). If that works- the sky is the limit! The touchdown here would be a YouTube channel and semi-regular show, but we may be playing baseball.

Coverage of GoT Season 2 is next on the agenda. The first of those episodes will cover episodes and narrative and will hit the feed on 5/21.

The tentative Rewatch schedule going into Season 7. -5/21: Season 2, Part 1 -5/28: Season 2, Part 2 -5/29: Blackwater commentary -6/4: Season 3, Part 1 -6/11: Season 3, Part 2 -6/12: The Rains of Castamere commentary -6/18: Season 4, Part 1 -6/19: Season4, Part 2 -6/20: The Lion and The Rose commentary -6/25: Season 5, Part 1 -6/26: Season 5, Part 2 -6/27: TBD commentary -7/2: Season 6, Part 1 -7/3: Season 6, Part 2 -7/4: TBD commentary -7/9: Season 7 Preview, Part 1 -7/10: GoT The Series Thus Far -7/11: Season 7 Preview, Part 2

Question 1- Would our leal and loyal subjects have an interest in seeing John's arguments with those in the fandom that argue against what is canon? Perhaps a regular feature in which John goes to battle for all those in the ASoIaF fandom with common sense?

Question 2- If SeannieWan wanted to produce an episode focusing on House Tully, would John be able to make it through the episode completely or would his rage consume him before the first break?*

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Hell Yeah! News covers all the news that you need to know- 'If it ain't here, it ain't S#@t!'

Reaction Photo Action is the brainchild of PBlizz and a ton of fun!

Wishful Booking Pro-Wrestling Podcast by Liam the Kidd and James Morecraft


Maisie Williams has been cast in Fox X-Men Spinoff *'New Mutants'. It seems as though she is playing Wolfsbane*, a mutant... er... a New mutant with the ability to be a... wolf...?

The guest stars for GoT Season 7: *Ed Sheeran (British pop star and Ginger), Noah Syndergaard (Mets pitcher who, let's be honest, should probably have spent his off-season focused on improving his craft and livelihood instead of filming a guest spot in GoT that will most likely end up on the cutting room floor), and Brent Hinds (guitarist for Metal band Mastadon).

Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy says he missed out on a guest role because he was filming a movie. Some of the less educated in the Fandom wanted him to play Rhaegar Targaryen. (We dodged a bullet there, John!)

Tighter Security for Season 7

Mammoth Contracts for the Big 5 of GoT

Details on what is likely the only Westeros-related fiction we will get in 2017

Night-Flyers, an old and irrelevant #GRRM novella, is being adapted for TV... of course before TWoW.

Clash of Kings comic adaptation is on the way. This is the follow-up to the fairly tame and pretty lame A Game of Thrones comic.

ASoIaF Miniature Game I'm actually interested in this. I love giving #GRRM money and not getting a book in return.

... and those be thine Royal words made law throughout the Realm...

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